This page hosts both the Bouncyball Clientmod and the HL2DM.EU Client Patch.
The patch is an easy way to configure your game to avoid bugs and have better settings without touching the settings that are personal preference.
The Bouncyball Clientmod also contains cosmetic changes to your game to enhance the experience.

Bouncyball Client Mod Features

  • Anything from the Client Patch listed below
  • Custom menu by Jora with easy Join Link
  • Custom crosshair to make it more visible
  • Dynamically sized scoreboard
  • Steam avatars for voice chatters
  • Voice chatters will show longer
  • Music you can toggle at any time
  • HL2DM.EU Client Patch Features

  • Modern Tickrates to ensure smooth play on servers not owned by HL2DM.EU (We do this automatically)
  • Server Menu's and Messages Enabled
  • Valve intro video disabled
  • Large map support (Hunkalloclightmaps fix)
  • Console automatically enabled and cleaned off spam
  • Mouse 3 bound as +attack3
  • Pressing - shows the console for people who do not have qwerty
  • Support for the legacy custom weapons on Bouncyball
  • Spray selection is remembered properly

  • You can delete the content from your custom folder to undo the modifications.
    If you are using your own autoexec config please merge it with the one in our custom folder.

    Download the Bouncyball Clientmod
    HL2DM.EU Client Patch (For those who do not want their game look changed)

    Note : The .exe can be renamed to .rar in case you run Linux or do not trust our application.
    When using this method extract the archive in hl2mp/custom.