Revolution Coop API

Annabelle Shotgun

The annabelle shotgun is automatically given to any player who picks up the shotgun and runs on shotgun ammo.
If you want to block this ability you need to send the following server command at the maps startup.
sm plugins unload bb-annabelle

Gamemode Description

By default the gamemode description is set to Revolution Coop or changed to the name of the gamemode if you are not making a coop only map.
To take control of the Gamemode description that is shown in the server browser you can change the cvar gamemode.
This can be done at any moment in the map.

Example Usage :

To display credits : Map by Bouncyball (logic_auto)
To display information : [OS] Build Round (Relay based)
To display map progress : [Coop] 50% (Trigger based)


By default the gravitygun on bouncy has a disabled alt fire to prevend crashes.
Because of this the use of a weapon stripper is not nessisary to ensure your maps stability.
If your map relies on the gravitygun please make sure there are no ways for players to grab objects near npc's.
Once we have noticed that your map is optimized for the gravitygun and relies on its ability we will lift this restriction for your map.


Hoppers are automaticly given to the players at the start of each map.
These are limited to 5 hoppers each map.
If you would like to disable hoppers on your map for example to make it gravitygun proof or prevend possible glitches you can use.
sm plugins unload bb-hoppers

Dynamic Npc Scaling

All npc's are automatically adjusted to suit the amount of players that are online.
Our system automatically takes control over all the sk_ value's in order to balance the npc's health and strength.In order to create boss npc's with more health please make use of the alternative options to control npc health.

If you are making a map with diffrent npc sets then normal (for example 100 antlion guards at a very easy health) you can disable this plugin with a server command before the player's spawn.
sm plugins unload bb-playercountconfig


The server has complete support for bugbait wich includes passing the nessisary files over to the clients.
Bugbait has issues as a spawned object so it is advised to give it out with the equipper entity and possibly a fake model and trigger to activate this.If you use bugbait please make sure the antlions see the right enemy's as a threat by setting up the right ai_relationships.

NPC Scoring

By default all npc scores are handled by our server to make it as fair as possible for our players.
As a mapper please respect this principle and only disable this if your map is not map is not a regulair coop map where you have to kill npc's or humans (for example coop_z_harrier2 where you have to shoot props).

This system can be disabled by executing the following command at the map start.
sm plugins unload bb-npcscore

No Teams

By default there are no teams in to make spawn systems as easy as possible.
To make your map compatible with this system make sure that your map only requires 1 team and that the map is configurated to eigther have no teamswitch system at all or switch players to rebels.

If your map is makes use of the combine team or teamfilters you can enable teams by sending the command teamplay at the start of the map.
Other systems to automaticly set the team cvars will not work unless our command is used aswell.

Hook , Jetpack and Rope

Hook is used to allow players to travel easy over long distances.
Especially on outdoor maps this can be used to skip parts of the map
To disable hook you can send the cvar hgrsource_hook_enable 0 as a server command.

Jetpack is used to allow players to travel easy up to otherwise harder to reach area's.
Especially on outdoor maps this can be used to skip parts of the map
To disable jetpack you can send the cvar df_jetpack_on 0 as a server command.

Rope is used to allow players to travel at high speeds.
In most cases rope can not be used to skip parts of maps but might ruin jump challenges.
To disable rope you can use the server cvar hgrsource_rope_enable 0

Map protection

If you wish to make your map a bouncy exclusive so it can only be played on the server it is designed for you can use our map protection.
Our map protection also protects all your entity's from getting stolen or decompiled as these will not be given out when a player downloads your map from our server.
The protection will be added for you by Henky!! after you send the map to him with a request for this.

sv_cheats 1

sv_cheats 1 will be blocked due to security risks and all features that use this such as slomo effects should be used with caution.
If you wish to make use of sv_cheats features please contact Henky!! to discuss the possibility's of removing this block for your map.

Stuff that you do not have to do

- Creating a teamswitch system
- Setting sk_ value's for npc strength and health
- Setting score for killing npc's